Santa’s Wonder Biscuit Land (Of Sheep)

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m full of excitement. This is partly because I’ve got three days of relaxing and eating ahead of me, and partly because it’s time to share another festive video with you.

Tic-driven Christmas messages have become … read more

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Here’s To Laughing

A few weeks ago someone from The Guardian got in touch asking if I’d be up for making a video for them. They’d seen my interview on Russell Howard and thought I might have an interesting perspective to share.

While … read more

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The One

Our last performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Barbican took place last Saturday and then we sadly said goodbye to this great venue.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I took the opportunity to be outside while … read more

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“A Big Day For Pigs”

For reasons that are too tasteless to describe here, this post is dedicated to a poor defenceless porker and a well-known wild boar.

When Ed Miliband attempted to eat a bacon sandwich a while back he was at least … read more

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Running Away From The Circus

Back In March eight young creatives with Tourettes from across the country came together for Idea Amplifier a weekend workshop at the Camden Roundhouse in London. They had a mighty task ahead of them – to devise, script and shoot … read more

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Seal The Deal

I watched a video last night that made me squeal with delight.

I’ve no idea why, but I find penguins extremely exciting – the mere mention of them ignites my tics. The word ‘penguin’ features a lot in this video … read more

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Twelve Months Strong

I’ve just re-read the post I wrote on New Year’s Eve exactly a year ago and it reminded me what a decidedly rocky start I’d had to 2014. On Boxing Day last year the muscles in my hands unexpectedly and … read more

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A Satisfying Sight

I’ve finished work for a bit and at last I’ve got time to attend to all those little jobs that’ve been building up over the last few weeks.

I’ve done a load of filing, pumped up the tyres on my … read more

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The Story Of The Ancient Crumb

I’m sitting on my bed to write this post. To my right I can see the garden bathed in wintry sun. To my left is my wheelchair with the remnants of the fake snow from our Christmas video-shoot last month … read more

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The London Brain Project

Last night Chopin and I performed a shortened version of our show Backstage In Biscuit Land as part of an event organised by The London Brain Project. They work with artists, neuroscientists, and the general public on collaborative projects … read more

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