Inventions & Interventions


My challenging behaviours and oppositional tics, which I’ve written about before, are still very much part of my life. Confusingly, I’m usually able to manage major feelings or emotionally complex situations, but when it comes to tiny things, I … read more

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Video Meetings - My Top Tips

Like many people, I’ve been having lots of video meetings for work recently. I experience chronic pain and fatigue which makes it hard to take part in these calls if there aren’t clear agreed expectations.

I was thinking about this … read more

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Visual Schedules - For Pandemics And Beyond

I’ve been indoors for a week now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and from tomorrow children across the country will also be at home as most of the schools have closed.

One of the first things I did for myself … read more

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Disability in a Time of Pandemic

The world’s in the midst of a global pandemic and everyone is rightly being encouraged to practice good hygiene and to socially-distance themselves from others, limiting day-to-day physical contact to reduce the chances of passing the virus from one person … read more

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A Decade On

We’re on the eve of a big anniversary, but for me the end of this decade has special significance. Ten years ago, Touretteshero was born, since then everything’s changed, and I’ve become a radically different person. As the clock … read more

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Power Cat

As a child growing up in 80s London, I remember power cuts being a fairly regular occurrence. There was something scary but exciting about them, and I always knew where the candles were, just in case.

In my adult life … read more

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A Care Less Business

I’ve been working in Belgium this week. When I got back to the hotel this evening after a busy day I glanced at my personal emails, and I saw one that totally threw me.

It was from the care agency … read more

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Intervention Round-Up Reloaded

I’ve tried to manage my tics a number of different ways over the years and one of the most effective for me has been through practical solutions and interventions that make life easier and safer.

Several years ago I did … read more

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Cat Culture

When Monkey the cat first moved in he was understandably a bit nervous of my wheelchair, so much so that I teased Chopin about having an ableist cat. Since then he’s got used to the chair and in fact he’s … read more

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The Ilunion Makes An Impression

I’m on holiday in Spain with Jess Mabel Jones, AKA Chopin. We arrived today and we’ll be here for five days of relaxation, swimming and sun.

I decided to go on holiday at the last minute so I used … read more

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