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In Bed With Stephen & Sherlock

Over last few months I’ve spent much more time in bed than I would’ve liked. On-going issues with pain, nausea and fatigue mean I need to rest a lot.

Listening to audio books is something I’ve been doing a … read more

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My Boom and Bust Body

I’ve written a lot recently about how I’m adapting to experiencing chronic pain.

While this isn’t straightforwardly related to Tourettes, I’ve started to appreciate that my motor tics have put a lot of physical pressure on my body for a … read more

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Inclined To Sleep

I’ve been struggling to get comfy at night for the last few months and I’ve been resorting to precarious piles of pillows to help me reach the ever-elusive pain-free position.

Then, a couple of weeks ago after a particularly bad … read more

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A Rainbow of Relief  

I’m taking regular pain killers at the moment because of the chronic pain I’m experiencing in my back and hips – they’re essential for helping me get through the day and feel comfortable.

But I’m not brilliant at remembering to … read more

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Light Bulb Moments 

I’m finding it increasingly painful to switch my bedside light on and off. My support workers have been doing it for me most of the time but in the middle of the night I prefer to do it for myself.… read more

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New Order At The Castle

What’s the best way to manage jet lag? Turn’s out that epic re-arranging of furniture’s what works best for me.

We landed back in the UK this morning following an overnight flight from New York where we’ve been for the … read more

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To Do Or Not To Do?

I love flow charts. Since first encountering them as a child I’ve found them a really useful way to get information.

I’ve made lots of my own before, including playful tic-based charts about penguins or lychees:

… and one aimed … read more

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Feeling The Difference

The last few weeks have been quite full on. We’ve been working hard on our new stage show, ‘Not I’, which we’re taking to the Edinburgh Fringe in just over a week’s time, and I’ve been experiencing lots … read more

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Wheely Brilliant

Last night I wrote with nervous excitement about my appointment with NHS Wheelchair Services this morning. We got off to a wobbly start because the taxi I’d booked was 45 minutes late and the longer we waited the tenser I … read more

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Wheely Excited

It’s nearly midnight and I can’t sleep. A weird mixture of pain, excitement and apprehension has left me feeling the sort of nervous excitement you get before the first day at a new school. But it’s not that sort of … read more

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