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Keyworker Kids - A Revised Story

Almost exactly six months ago I created a story for my three-year-old niece Bean about her mum’s job as a doctor, to explain the coronavirus pandemic and what it would mean for our family.

As infection rates increase again, and … read more

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Serena Bhandari - Disabled Students, Know Your Rights

It’s the beginning of a new academic year and for students starting back or returning to university or college, COVID-19 makes this a start like no other. In this guest post, regular contributor and recent graduate Serena shares what she … read more

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F***ing Captions

I did a stand-up comedy gig this afternoon, the first since lockdown. It was online of course, but it was still great to be performing again. The show was with Abnormally Funny People, a collective of disabled comedians. Alongside … read more

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Not NICE At All

Since 2016 I’ve experienced chronic pain in my lower back and hips. The quality and intensity of this pain changes, but I’m very rarely pain-free. Left unmanaged, this pain has a profound effect on my ability to think, concentrate, work … read more

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Balancing Realities

After an extraordinary five months, many aspects of life are spinning back into some sort of normality. For most people there might be some minor changes to how they live, work or socialise, but I get the impression that some … read more

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Monkey’s Bunk

As I type this from my bed, Monkey is curled up by my side. He’s not actually in bed with me, but in his own bunk, less than an arm’s length away.

After months of resisting, I’ve finally given in … read more

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Raising a Child with Tourettes - Five Ideas For The Early Days

I’ve seen a few social media posts recently from parents of children with tics who are yet to receive a diagnosis. I imagine the pandemic will have slowed this process down even further and suspect there will be families having … read more

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Happy Birthday NHS

The National Health Service (NHS) is 75 years old today and this post is a celebration of the complicated, humane, and embracing service that’s looked after me for almost forty years. I can’t imagine what my life would be like … read more

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My challenging behaviours and oppositional tics, which I’ve written about before, are still very much part of my life. Confusingly, I’m usually able to manage major feelings or emotionally complex situations, but when it comes to tiny things, I … read more

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Video Meetings - My Top Tips

Like many people, I’ve been having lots of video meetings for work recently. I experience chronic pain and fatigue which makes it hard to take part in these calls if there aren’t clear agreed expectations.

I was thinking about this … read more

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