Inventions & Interventions

Push Button Baby

Fat Sister, King Russell and Bean popped in earlier. I had my Telecare pendant on because of a brief gap in my support. The pendant was round my neck and I’d totally forgotten it was there. Bean greeted me enthusiastically, … read more

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Pad Ripping Fun

I’ve written a few posts about my on-going bladder issues and about how wearing pull up incontinence pads helps me manage this and feel more confident.

There’s one slight issue though. It’s not their bulkiness or the fact that some … read more

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The Bean Diary

I started working with disabled children in 1999 so I’m celebrating twenty years this year. For some of this time I worked in Lambeth’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in the Autism and Complex Needs Intervention Support Teamread more

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Workplace Adjustments

I’ve written a lot over the last year about my increasing pain and decreasing energy. I’ve shared my concerns about the impact on my work, but I’ve not talked about the adjustments we’ve been making so I can keep … read more

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A Routine Hurdle

I’ve had issues with my bladder for a long time, but just over a year ago they intensified. Since then I’ve been seeing a specialist neuro-urologist (neuro-uro), and with his help things have got a lot easier – particularly at … read more

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My chest-banging tic has been around for almost a decade. When it began, my chest bruised a lot and I tried loads of different ways of managing it. I tried restricting the movement of my arm, Habit Reversal Training and … read more

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Festive Wheels

Today’s the first day of my Christmas break and I’ve been celebrating with some wheelchair customisation. For a long time I thought I was stuck with whatever colour spokes I’d chosen when I got the chair, but last year I … read more

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Toddling Wheels

From the moment she could crawl my niece Bean has been obsessed with my wheelchair, crawling all over it and using the wheels to pull herself up.

From the very beginning Fat Sister and King Russell have been very … read more

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Wee-wee Hard

I’ve just done something really difficult. It wasn’t learning a complicated text, performing in front of thousands or completing a cryptic crossword. And it wasn’t something that I feel proud of.

I pissed myself.

Or to be precise I deliberately … read more

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Thursday, Friday, Bedday…

It’s been a tough week. My emotions have been ricocheting about all over the place, a potent mix of exhaustion, guilt and sadness. At times I’ve felt totally overwhelmed and self-destructive.

The relentless schedule of the last few months and … read more

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