Inventions & Interventions

It’s the Matrix

Last week the Government announced another national lockdown that will be in place into early December. In what is starting to feel like a brief intermission between lockdowns, we did some company planning to help us understand and deal with … read more

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Sticky Swine

As we enter the second week of work on my bathroom, I’m really excited about all the development. But there’s one change that I was less prepared for – saying goodbye to the bathroom pigs!

Regular readers may remember … read more

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Sliding Into A New Era

On Monday work began on converting my bathroom into a fully accessible wet room with a height-adjustable sink, roll-in shower and fancy wash and dry toilet. The work’s involved knocking through into the cupboard next to the bathroom, and now … read more

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Bathroom Beginnings

I’ve lived at the castle for nine years. It’s on the ground floor and is accessible in most ways. The only area that hasn’t worked very well is the bathroom, but at long last this is about to change!

Back … read more

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Profiling My Beautiful Bed

Two years ago I reluctantly accepted my Occupational Therapist’s suggestion that I should start using a profiling (hospital-style) bed in order to help manage my pain. I was resistant to the idea because it was a single bed, and … read more

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I’ve been living at the castle for almost ten years! But, surprisingly, moving home was a lot less dramatic than some of the other changes that were going on in my life back then.

My tics had been affecting my read more

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Keyworker Kids - A Revised Story

Almost exactly six months ago I created a story for my three-year-old niece Bean about her mum’s job as a doctor, to explain the coronavirus pandemic and what it would mean for our family.

As infection rates increase again, and … read more

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Serena Bhandari - Disabled Students, Know Your Rights

It’s the beginning of a new academic year and for students starting back or returning to university or college, COVID-19 makes this a start like no other. In this guest post, regular contributor and recent graduate Serena shares what she … read more

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F***ing Captions

I did a stand-up comedy gig this afternoon, the first since lockdown. It was online of course, but it was still great to be performing again. The show was with Abnormally Funny People, a collective of disabled comedians. Alongside … read more

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Not NICE At All

Since 2016 I’ve experienced chronic pain in my lower back and hips. The quality and intensity of this pain changes, but I’m very rarely pain-free. Left unmanaged, this pain has a profound effect on my ability to think, concentrate, work … read more

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