Inventions & Interventions


My chest-banging tic has been around for almost a decade. When it began, my chest bruised a lot and I tried loads of different ways of managing it. I tried restricting the movement of my arm, Habit Reversal Training and … read more

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Toddling Wheels

From the moment she could crawl my niece Bean has been obsessed with my wheelchair, crawling all over it and using the wheels to pull herself up.

From the very beginning Fat Sister and King Russell have been very … read more

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Wee-wee Hard

I’ve just done something really difficult. It wasn’t learning a complicated text, performing in front of thousands or completing a cryptic crossword. And it wasn’t something that I feel proud of.

I pissed myself.

Or to be precise I deliberately … read more

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Thursday, Friday, Bedday…

It’s been a tough week. My emotions have been ricocheting about all over the place, a potent mix of exhaustion, guilt and sadness. At times I’ve felt totally overwhelmed and self-destructive.

The relentless schedule of the last few months and … read more

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Discovering Soap

While we were in Inverness Will introduced me to an expensive new habit – bath bombs!

Wow, how did I miss out on all the radical developments in bathing technology that have occurred recently? The colourful, multisensory extravaganza of the … read more

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Water Works

My neuro urology appointment (a specialism within medicine that looks after how the bladder and brain work together) got off to a very wet start this morning. But the liquid being spilt wasn’t wee, it was tears.

I’ve been having … read more

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Living My Best Birthday

Shortly after I woke this morning Joyce and Bovie came into my room singing Happy Birthday… It was definitely one of the nicest ways to wake up – ever!

They were soon followed in by another great double act by … read more

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Hot Tub Times

I’m currently taking a lot of medication for my pain and I’m always keen to find non-drug-based options that I can use as well.

Heat really helps, but I’ve had to stop using a hot water bottle because I’d been … read more

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Back in March I wrote about the threatened ban on plastic straws. In it I responded to a lot of the questions non-disabled people were asking when disabled people told them they really do need straws. So if you’re … read more

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Dreamy Beds

When we arrived in our hotel room a few days ago the two beds looked quite different from one another. Both were single beds and covered in the same sheets – this was clearly a twin room – but one … read more

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