Yaska Sahara - Mama and Me

At the start of lockdown I was sent a short story about the experience of growing up with a parent with Tourettes by a young writer called Yaska Sahara. I found the piece incredibly moving and it was a perspective … read more

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What’s That?

At the weekend I met my sister and my niece Bean at a playground we haven’t visited since Bean was tiny. It was lovely to be back in a park playing together. I was wearing a mask and being careful … read more

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The Agony Shelf

Here at Touretteshero we have what we call the ‘Ideas Shelf’. It’s an imaginary shelf and we put ideas for future projects, events or services on it. These ideas are then ready to be taken off the shelf when the … read more

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Blustery Tree

It’s been a long, busy week and for a good part of it I was managing a heady mix of pain and nausea. One of these on their own I can usually cope with, but both together is overwhelming.

This … read more

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F***ing Captions

I did a stand-up comedy gig this afternoon, the first since lockdown. It was online of course, but it was still great to be performing again. The show was with Abnormally Funny People, a collective of disabled comedians. Alongside … read more

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Raising a Child with Tourettes - Five Ideas For The Early Days

I’ve seen a few social media posts recently from parents of children with tics who are yet to receive a diagnosis. I imagine the pandemic will have slowed this process down even further and suspect there will be families having … read more

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Welcome to Our Tourettes Family

Normally when I write this blog, I’m writing for everyone – all ages, all backgrounds, with all sorts of bodies and minds. But this post is different because I’ve written it specifically for children and young people who are at … read more

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Serena Bhandari - Acceptance

Yesterday I wrote about a new series of blog posts we’ve commissioned by writer Serena Bhandari. I’m really excited to share Serena’s first post today.

My name’s Serena and this is the first in a series of guest blogs … read more

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NASA for Now

Captains Log, star date 260320.

It’s been six weeks since our lockdown began, 42 days inside what we are calling our spaceship.

Earlier the crew were chatting about this milestone and wondering where we might be on our voyage through … read more

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Picturing Impairment and Drawing Disability

I’ve always loved drawing – since childhood it’s been a key part of how I think and make sense of the world.

Having Tourettes hasn’t always made this easy. As a child my obsessive and impulsive tendencies meant that if … read more

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