A Rowdy Night In

I’ve been resting at home after a minor operation on Friday to change my pacemaker battery. As a result my sleep has been a bit disrupted by pain and discomfort in my chest. But last night it was disrupted by … read more

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The Paralympics in Brazil start next week. Yesterday afternoon though, my body seemed to be embracing the sporting spirit a bit early, and in its own ridiculous way.

I was working away on the sofa when I started having a … read more

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“Radiator, Dress Your Pipes With Rainbow Stripes”

A couple of weeks ago I had a ‘ticcing fit’ in the hallway of the castle that left a nasty impression on me.

During the fit my arm pressed against a hot radiator pipe. Because I couldn’t move I quickly … read more

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Toilet Tumble

I spent yesterday afternoon with my friends Laura and Hannah and their kids, at Hannah’s house. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon and it was great to catch up.

But it ended with an unexpected bang. Just before I left … read more

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Name Calling

Leftwing Idiot and I had an unusually long wait for my fracture clinic appointment this morning. We sat in the large waiting room chatting away while a steady stream of staff marched in calling out other patients’ names, but not … read more

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Walking Memory

It was beautiful in London yesterday, warm and spring-like. On the way home the cab took a slightly different route from normal and went through an area where I used to live about eight years ago. We were weaving through … read more

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I Drive a Car Like This…

Most of my tics are completely random and not triggered by any external factors, but there’s a strange cluster of tics that do respond automatically to prompts from other people. They include:

• Jiggling my legs in a frenzied fashion … read more

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Kerb Your Enthusiasm

It’s been a bumpy start to the year so far but things have finally started getting back on track. My hands are doing much better and on Wednesday I was able to start using my much-loved Trekinetic wheelchair once again. … read more

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A Fit In Writing

Leftwing Idiot and I are hanging out at the castle – he’s watching TV while I write this post.

Earlier he made us a delicious dinner – a stew packed with fresh vegetables. Towards the end of the meal I … read more

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Tough Tics Survivor’s Guide

It’s the eve of my fitiversary. Two years ago tomorrow I woke up having what became known as a ‘ticcing fit’. But that morning it was just a weird and terrifying escalation of my tics that left … read more

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