A New Prescription

In 2018 we took my stand-up show to Portland, Oregon, for two weeks. In Portland cannabis is legal, and for the time I was there I was able to buy and use cannabis gummies that had a massive impact on my pain levels, tics, sleep and wellbeing. I wrote about how frustrating it was, after finding something that helped me so much, not to be able to access it back home.

Last year I wrote about Project 2021, an observational study taking place here in the UK that lets people with eligible conditions access medical cannabis, and while you have to pay for it, the cost is capped. Ultimately the aim is to build a body of evidence that makes this medicine available on the NHS.

Initially I was put off Project 2021 because some of the costs felt uncertain. But I revisited it recently when a friend, who has had has a positive experience with them, talked me through the process.

Feeling more confident about it, I had an online consultation with a doctor a couple of weeks ago and they agreed that medical cannabis would be useful for me, so they prescribed cannabis oil. My prescription was dispatched to a specialist pharmacy, and they delivered the medicine.

A photograph of Touretteshero's cannabis oil prescription lying face up on a wooden table. The container is a small white plastic bottle containing a dropper. The brand of the oil is made by Noidecs and the packaging has someone information about the drops 'Medical Cannabis Oral Drops T25:C25 30ml = 750 drops diluted in medium chain triglycerides, Cannabinoids for the ECS'

One week in and I’ve slept better than I have for years, I’ve been getting to sleep much more quickly and sleeping through in a way that was previously unheard of for me. Because this is medical cannabis, I know exactly what I’m taking and how much I need.

I take the oil under my tongue, and it only takes a small amount to make a big difference. I’m already feeling a very positive impact, including needing to use opioid-based medications much less.

My initial consultation was £70, and the prescription was £150. If I take it at the same dose I’m currently using, this should last me 4-5 months. While the costs are manageable for me, they won’t be for many disabled people, so let’s hope this medication is made available for everyone who needs it on the NHS very soon.

3 responses to A New Prescription

  1. louiseongumtree says:

    Yes!!! That’s brilliant Jess. Great to hear you’ve got access to this and it is really helping.

  2. ShivaRaye says:

    I have opinions! And personal experience! And anecdote!

    Yes it works wonderfully for me as well. I guess my expectation wasn’t a complete cessation of tics but if I’m counting them I noticeably count far fewer tics if I’m using cannabis. I’ve been using the resources on leafly.com to try to track down the best strains. I do also understand though that it’s like hot and cold and affects different patients differently. I’ve definitely heard others say it makes them tic more not less

  3. ShivaRaye says:

    I’m lucky enough to have a mental health worker in my family and I’m really astounded by her idea so I thought I would share it. She told me I should do the ABC’s Tourette’s challenge first not on cannabis as a control test, and then on each of the strains I think will work well to compare the results.

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