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Remembering David

In February last year, we celebrated Touretteshero’s 10th birthday with a big party in Battersea Arts Centre’s Grand Hall. The place was packed with the love and laughter of those who’ve helped us transform Touretteshero from an idea into an organisation with a mission to change the world.…

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Back in November I wrote about the risk matrix we created to help make quick decisions on how we work in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and our own capacity. The matrix builds on our initial COVID-19 statement from March last year which explained why we’d be focusing on essential work only.…

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64 Million Lamp-posts

I woke up this morning, opened my blind and wished the lamp-post a Happy New Year!

Chatting to the lamp-post has been a part of my daily routine ever since I moved into the castle, almost ten years ago. I have no idea why my tics settled on the lamp-post as the recipient of so much attention but our surreal conversations have given me a lot of joy.…

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A Message Of Love

Since we started Touretteshero ten years ago we’ve traditionally shared a funny festive video each year. You can watch the classics here.

This year, though, we wanted to do things slightly differently. Rather than create a playful video aimed at everyone, this year’s message is one made with love and solidarity for disabled people, those who are sick, our elders and our allies.…

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Time To Treasure

A few weeks ago, I drew a treasure map for my niece Bean. It was a way of playing with her, creating memories and feeling connected without getting too close or breaking any lockdown rules. I created some for other children too.…

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Surprise Solitude

For me, Tourettes means I have strong oppositional impulses – the automatic urge to do exactly the opposite of what I want to do. This is why I shout ‘I’m over here’ during games of hide and seek,’ why I shout ‘bomb’ in airports, and why 400 Australians in a theatre knew Fat Sister was pregnant before our mum did.…

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It’s the Matrix

Last week the Government announced another national lockdown that will be in place into early December. In what is starting to feel like a brief intermission between lockdowns, we did some company planning to help us understand and deal with the risks we’re facing during these uncertain times.…

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Dongle or No Dongle?

It’s no secret that I LOVE wheelchairs! I love looking at them, talking about them, tinkering with them, and of course using them. I even wrote love letters to them in Backstage In Biscuit Land and I particularly enjoyed hearing other mobility-aid users laughing knowingly when the letters were read out.…

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A lot has happened since last autumn when I wrote about the Elevate funding we’d received from Arts Council England to help the Touretteshero team grow and make new plans for the future.

Our plans included recruiting for a General Manger, a role that we urgently needed to meet the demand for our work.…

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Parents - Evie Needs You!

Back in July, researcher Evie wrote a guest post about her project looking at tics and mealtimes. Back then she was recruiting young people to contribute their experiences. She’s back today but this time she’s looking for parent perspectives – over to Evie with more.…

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