A Picture of Pain

I’ve been using an iPad to draw with for just over a year. It’s changed my relationship with drawing and made the process much more enjoyable and less stressful for me – mainly because there’s an ‘undo’ button for when … read more

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Sharing Space

When I started this blog ten years ago, it was the first time since leaving school that I’d written in any significant way. Up until then I’d always thought of myself as someone who struggled with writing, and it wasn’t … read more

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Consistently Significant Tree

I’ve written a lot about the view from my window. It’s mainly been about the lamp-post which my tics often chat to as I’m settling down to sleep. I’ve also mentioned the trees, but generally just in passing. However, … read more

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Longing And Lows In Lockdown

Over the last couple of days I’ve felt a lingering sadness. This isn’t surprising given that we’re living through a global pandemic, but there was a bit more to it than that – I just couldn’t quite work out what … read more

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My challenging behaviours and oppositional tics, which I’ve written about before, are still very much part of my life. Confusingly, I’m usually able to manage major feelings or emotionally complex situations, but when it comes to tiny things, I … read more

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Constellations of Love

At the end of last week, during a what’s app hang out with Fat Sister, Bean and King Russell, there was a lovely exchange that got me thinking – and making.

Bean asked if my support worker Claire was my … read more

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In Praise of Podcasts

Last night I wrote a post while I was in intense pain and struggling to sleep. I wrote to help me focus on what I was feeling and to find a way through. To some extent it worked, and with … read more

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Touch Diary Re-visited

This pandemic’s making everyone re-evaluate their relationship with touch, whether that’s contact with other people, our surroundings, or even our own bodies. Last June I wrote about the role physical touch plays in my life, and for a week I … read more

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Biscuit Search

At the start of lockdown my friends Ruby, Leo and Laura made me an incredible word-search which I had loads of fun completing, so I decided to make one for them. But rather than use words I used combinations of … read more

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‘Cripping’ The World

From the very beginning, Touretteshero’s focused on providing creative inclusive events for disabled and non-disabled people of all ages. This is a crucial part of our activism and we often talk about the importance of providing spaces where disabled people … read more

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