Disruption Equation

I’d had a really disrupted night. My pain level was exceptionally high and didn’t respond to any of the things that usually help, so I’d been awake since the early hours desperately trying to get comfortable enough to go back … read more

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Access to Work - Now You’ve Made Me Angry!

Access to Work is a vital equalising scheme that provides the practical support that disabled people in employment need to do their jobs. For me this means covering the cost of my support worker and the additional costs of accessible … read more

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A Shocking Start

After six weeks of touring I’ve got a few days off before we head to Gloucester this weekend. Technically they’re not days off because I’ll be doing some work for the children’s organisation I used to help manage. I went … read more

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Last night Will and I went to see Chris Thorpe’s acclaimed show Confirmation at the Battersea Arts Centre. It was amazing and very thought-provoking, and I urge you to go and see it if you can.

Besides the show … read more

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Taxi Driver

Thanks to Access to Work I spend quite a lot of time in minicabs each week getting to and from work. Mobility-wise this has made things much easier for me, but cabs come with their own distinct set of challenges. … read more

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Taxi to Kidderminster

Thanks to Access to Work I’m able to take a cab to and from work every day. This is a longstanding, routine part of my working week and it’s usually pretty uneventful.

But this morning was a different story. For … read more

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Cameron Balls

David Cameron is quoted in an interview in one of today’s papers as saying that sitting opposite Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor, during Prime Minister’s Questions is, “Like having someone with Tourette’s sitting opposite you.”

What do you mean David? … read more


Not drunk but Disorderly

Unusually, I’d not previously met the minicab driver who came to take me home from work this evening. When he saw me he said to Bunny, who was helping me walk at the time, “No, no, no. Is she intoxicated?” … read more

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Lit Up By Londoners

It’s November the 5th, so the sky’s lit up with fireworks. Like millions of others across the city, we went off to a big organised display to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

“Guy Fawkes in my pants. Bang.”
“Roman Catholic … read more



This afternoon I went for my Habit Reversal Therapy. I got to the station earlier than normal and asked a member of staff for information about the next train. I had the feeling he wasn’t really listening and just … read more

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