The Knowledge

As I got out of the cab tonight the driver leant over and said, “The people who appear mad are often the most sane – it’s the people trying to be normal who are crazy.”… read more

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To Camden and Beyond

I finished work late tonight and arrived home tired and wet. I’d been invited out by Ruth and was meant to be meeting her in Camden. But I hadn’t been able to find anyone to come with me and didn’t … read more

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Kindness in the Cab

When I got in a cab to come home this evening, the driver was startled at the noise I was making and looked quite scared. I explained about Tourettes and a little later he said, “I don’t care if you’re … read more

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Didn’t She Do Well?

The radio was on in the cab as I was going to work this morning. It’s GCSE results day and young people were being interviewed about how well they’d done. Several hours later I ticced my own results:

“I have … read more

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Back On The Bus?

This afternoon the cab company who take me to and from work called to say they were going to suspend my account from Friday. This is because of the complex way Access to Work pay for my travel, and the … read more

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I’m a Fire Alarm

On my way home from work we drove past a small fire on the edge of a park. I asked the cab driver to stop at the police station next door so I could tell them about it, but it … read more

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My Head’s Spinning

I went to a party in Clapham tonight for Laura’s birthday. I travelled home with my friend Emma in a black cab. We dropped her off first and headed for the lair. As we pulled up, the driver said, “Exorcism … read more

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Cutting Out

I was talking to Laura on the phone on my way to work about the cuts to public services.

She asked if I was in the cab that Access to Work provides. I said, “Yeah, although I expect it’ll get … read more

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My cab driver told me this morning that I was ‘possessed’. He said that I should ask a priest for help. I told him that I didn’t feel very possessed and that I’m generally quite nice to people. I asked … read more

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Silly Voices and Talking About Taxis

I spoke to Laura on the phone earlier. She said she was finding the new way I say “Bye, bye” (in a low and raspy voice) quite disconcerting. She said I sounded like a sex pest.

We talked about my … read more

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