Taxi to Kidderminster

Thanks to Access to Work I’m able to take a cab to and from work every day. This is a longstanding, routine part of my working week and it’s usually pretty uneventful.

But this morning was a different story. For a start the cab waiting outside the castle for Leftwing Idiot and me wasn’t a car at all, it was a giant grey van with a sliding door and several rows of seats inside.

The driver helped Leftwing Idiot get my wheelchair into the gigantic boot but once I was settled in my seat I noticed he wasn’t the driver at all. He was another passenger, and he took his place in the front seat. He and the driver were wearing matching grey suits and the driver had a pair of fancy orange sunglasses on. I wondered if perhaps they were working for the Bureaucrat.

It was all a bit unsettling and as we moved off I made some comment about it being a bit strange. Both men in the front ignored me and Leftwing Idiot looked across at me with a nervous smile.

Inevitably my tics got the better of me and they started blurting out that we were being kidnapped. This made Leftwing Idiot look even more nervous and with a bit of concentration I was able to substitute ‘ Kidderminster’ for ‘ kidnapped’ and he was able to change the subject.

Thankfully we weren’t being kidnapped at all, or even driven to Kidderminster, and we arrived at work as planned and on time. But Leftwing Idiot did get my chair ready a little more quickly than usual and we never did get to the bottom of why there were two men in this giant grey vehicle. Without having to discuss it we both decided it was best not to ask too many questions – just in case.

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