Save it for a date

“Happy Complicated Love Lives Day”

This is my fourth year writing this blog, and right from the start one subject’s been notably absent – romance. There’s a lot of love – the love and care of my family and friends runs through pretty much every … read more


Tourettes Dating Advice

This evening Zoë and I got onto the subject of dating. We’re both single and we were discussing things that we shouldn’t say on a first date. My tics seized on this and started listing things I definitely shouldn’t say … read more

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Muscle Man

We had a group of volunteers at work this morning. They’d left their office to come and do some physical outdoor work.

I have a support worker for two days a week but struggle to move around every day. Today … read more

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Twenty Questions

Ruth and I have been asked by a TV production company to do some test filming because they’re interested in making a programme about Tourettes. I’m not completely sure about taking part but I agreed to do the test filming. … read more



I was feeling a bit miserable on my way home this evening. Not for long though, because just outside the lair a handsome stranger beamed at me warmly and said, “I saw you in Catford the other day.”

This was … read more

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Fancy That

As I walked back from lunch, squawking and moving as strangely as ever, a man working nearby struck up a conversation with me. He didn’t mention Tourettes or seem to notice my odd behaviour – he was too busy flirting … read more

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Pretty New Year

Leftwing Idiot and I headed to East London last night to meet Alice and her friends to see in the New Year. On our way, a middle-aged man sitting opposite us on the bus struck up a conversation about Tourettes. … read more

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“Kick Your Love Life In The Backside.”

I’ve had a busy day travelling across the city to meet up with various friends. I had dinner by the river and went to Ollie and Karen’s post-wedding party. It’s been a fun day shared with lots of different people.… read more

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