Yaska Sahara - Mama and Me

At the start of lockdown I was sent a short story about the experience of growing up with a parent with Tourettes by a young writer called Yaska Sahara. I found the piece incredibly moving and it was a perspective … read more

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Rock Stars

This time last month I went to Glastonbury. I was there for four amazing days, but the time seemed to go really quickly. So when, just over 38 hours ago, I headed off to another festival – Camp Bestivalread more

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Over the last few years as my tics have become increasingly obvious to other people, I’ve found myself on the receiving end of a lot of well-meaning advice about what I should do to help myself. Suggestions have ranged from … read more


Spirited Away

Poppy and I went to the shops earlier with me in my wheelchair and I kept ticcing very loudly: “I’m being punished for being a sinner!” and “I have an evil spirit inside me!”

I’ve no idea why these tics … read more

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I Squawked On By

A few moments ago, as I was walking home from the station, a man on the other side of the street pointed at me and shouted “Demon possession!”

Advent Outburst #12
“I’ve got a 50% chance of being a Christmas … read more

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My Head’s Spinning

I went to a party in Clapham tonight for Laura’s birthday. I travelled home with my friend Emma in a black cab. We dropped her off first and headed for the lair. As we pulled up, the driver said, “Exorcism … read more

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My cab driver told me this morning that I was ‘possessed’. He said that I should ask a priest for help. I told him that I didn’t feel very possessed and that I’m generally quite nice to people. I asked … read more

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