In Bed With Stephen & Sherlock

Over last few months I’ve spent much more time in bed than I would’ve liked. On-going issues with pain, nausea and fatigue mean I need to rest a lot.

Listening to audio books is something I’ve been doing a … read more


Pita Patter

It’s not every day that I arrange to meet someone I’ve never met before in our tour bus in a deserted car park in mid-Wales. But it’s not everyday that I’m at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in Wales having being … read more

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Cat Wave

The other day I wrote about a sudden influx of new ‘W’- based tics and songs. The latest addition to the collection, and my personal favourite, sung loosely to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town, is this:… read more

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“The Groin of Peace Manifesto”

I’m sure you’re probably all manifestoed out by now. The recent political events have been intense, and what happens now the campaigning circus has left town remains to be seen. Sadly I expect we’re all in for a very bumpy … read more

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Take A Look

This morning I emerged from the shower with a brand new ticced song. The words are:

“Take a look inside the sheep and ask yourself the truth, are donkeys the best at doing moos?”

Take a Look

The tune’s really … read more

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The Ten Ticced Commandments

You may remember some months ago I offered you my Thought for the Day. Rather than talking from a faith perspective I chose to share my thoughts from a tic perspective. You can listen to the results below:

 … read more

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A Drip on My Mind

I often say that Tourettes is the most frequently misunderstood condition on the planet. Tonight I’m going to throw down a challenge and suggest it’s also the strangest condition there is. Here’s why…

At the weekend Poppy and I went … read more

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Back At Shambala

This will be a short post because hopefully, by the time you read it, I’ll be happily ensconced in a field in Leicestershire, whizzing about in my gold party chair and catching up with lots lovely people. In other words, … read more

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My New Job

Well, not an actual new job. This morning as I got ready for work my tics suggested a new area of employment through the medium of another ticced song. Here’s how it goes:

“I’m just laying AstroTurf in Richard … read more

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Ode to a Sheepdog

Last night we had our work Christmas party at and it was utterly lovely! We had an amazing meal cooked in the kitchen of our new building and nearly all 39 of the staff team sat down and ate together … read more

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