The Joy of Hotknives

This time last month I was relaxing in a field with a lot of good friends at the Shambala festival. On the Saturday morning I met Captain Hotknives and his guitar. He started playing and almost immediately we were singing … read more


Let Me Entertain You

The second episode of Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You aired on BBC3 last night. It’s a three-part documentary, hosted by Reggie Yates, documenting the experiences and musical talents of six young people with Tourettes, one of whom is my friend … read more

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Hello World

If you’ve been following the blog recently you’ll know it’s been a hectic time for me recently with all the sudden media interest in Touretteshero. Today, the message is about to go global via an interview with Matthew Bannister on … read more



Yesterday evening I had an unusual conversation with Karl James. In 2001, Karl started the Dialogue Project and since then he’s had lots of interesting conversations with a wide variety of people on all sorts of subjects.

Talking to Karl … read more

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Ticcing Off

While yesterday’s comment about Tourettes by David Cameron created a lot of debate in the media, at first little of the coverage included the views of people with Tourettes. Fellow blogger Nicky Clark whose daughter has Tourettes spoke eloquently on … read more

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“Shake and Vac and Put the Best Bears Back.”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how – unusually during a ‘ticcing fit’ – I’d had a sudden and sustained burst of vocal tics. Bunny wrote most of them down but she couldn’t catch them … read more

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Lost for Words

It took me six minutes to say this:

Lost for Words

‘I’m having trouble speaking at the moment. My muscles are fine but speaking is difficult. This is more than just tics interrupting speaking. The sentence is fully formed by … read more


When I’m Happy and I Know It …

I was in an exceptionally cheerful mood when I woke up this morning. I washed and dressed and did a bit of work at the kitchen table, singing tics all the time. Ticced songs are nothing new and I’ve written … read more

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Here we go
Yesterday we launched this website and last night we celebrated by holding our launch party. In the cab on the way to the venue I started having a hard time with my tics and Leftwing Idiot … read more

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You Have a 1990s Face

Following the success of our amazing 2 Bears track give away a couple of weeks ago, I’m very excited to be offering another totally exclusive track today, in the lead up to our launch event on Thursday 27th.

Al Tourettes, … read more

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