In Bed With Stephen & Sherlock

Over last few months I’ve spent much more time in bed than I would’ve liked. On-going issues with pain, nausea and fatigue mean I need to rest a lot.

Listening to audio books is something I’ve been doing a lot recently. I often lack the energy for writing, working, reading or watching films, and I also struggle to sleep thanks to the combo of pain and tics. So listening to stories instead has really helped me.

But finding the right one can be trickier than you’d think: too tense and I won’t be able to sleep, too boring and I won’t want to listen. For the last month I’ve been working my way through 71 hours of perfection – Stephen Fry reading the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and I’ve loved every minute!

As a mystery fan, this collection has fitted the bill perfectly. But sadly I’m on the final part now, with only a few hours left in the company of the great detective.

It’s great re-discovering the joys of being read to. As a child I struggled to read – story tapes fed my imagination and were a big part of my bedtime routine.

My taste in narrative has matured slightly since the days of Morris and Doris – a radio show hosted by hamsters – but the pleasure of settling down, listening in and drifting off remains unchanged.

As the end of Sherlock era looms I’m on the look-out for what to listen to next, so recommendations for new bedtime companions will be gratefully received from everyone – Lamp-posts excepted!

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  1. louiseongumtree says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling Jess. Glad you’ve found talking books though. I love them and soak in much more than if I try to read. If you like Harry Potter, then Stephen Fry reads them as well and he does a masterful job of all the characters’ voices. It’s quite delightful. I too pick stories that are mellow otherwise I end up getting too wound up somy list is very tame, but enjoyable. Harry Potter, read by Fry; James Herriot is a nice trip through another time and is read by Christopher Timothy. I’ve had a few Rumpole of the Bailey and they are a good tale without being too full on as well. I like the series As Time Goes By on TV and there is an audio only, adapted as a radio show of 4 series with all the actors doing voice. I got those via iTunes. Also got BBC series The Good Life on audio too which I love when I’m curled up in bed. Okay, nothing fancy there, just good old stories that make me feel cuddled and help me stay sane. Hope you find something that works for you. xxx

  2. Maya says:

    Hi Jess
    I am a big fan of audio books too. Sometimes I listen to them in bed but often they provide me company when trying to do something else that doesn’t engage brain much like cleaning ironing or driving… I discovered them first through the self help books because I struggle with reading books without continous narrative. I absorb the fatcual information that is being poured at me from speakers much easier then if I was reading it myself. But with time I have started reaching to the non self-help section and came across some lovely gems. For example autobiographies of Steven Fry are a fantastic listen as he reads them himself and I felt like I’m having a very personal moment with Steven who is recounting all his lifetime stories just for me. Another favourite is Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series… I’m slowly making my way through them in chronological order but they can be pick up from any point in the series. Then a while ago I actually read a book that really grabbed me and I loved it so much that when I saw the opportuninty I got it as an audio book too. It was ‘Rosie Project’ by Greame Simsion… romantic and funny while very unique… ok… some of my other favourits are… Val McDermid – especially Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series…. Jojo Moyes – Me before you… and from non fiction – Hal Elrod – Miracle Morning and Matthew Syed – Black Box Thinking….. so those are my top suggestions 🙂 Oh and not forgetting my latest download! Eddie Izzard – Believe Me – so far I’m about 1.5 hrs in but it’s already delighful as Eddie in his typical going-off-the-tangent style (while reading the finished book) adds tons of footnotes and footnotest to footnotes to the actual book with hilarious if at times little disorienting outcome 🙂
    Hope you feel better already or will do soon… but hopefully from now on you enjoy your audiobooks x
    Maya xxx

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