Back in November I wrote about the risk matrix we created to help make quick decisions on how we work in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and our own capacity. The matrix builds on our initial COVID-19 statement from March … read more

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It’s the Matrix

Last week the Government announced another national lockdown that will be in place into early December. In what is starting to feel like a brief intermission between lockdowns, we did some company planning to help us understand and deal with … read more

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A lot has happened since last autumn when I wrote about the Elevate funding we’d received from Arts Council England to help the Touretteshero team grow and make new plans for the future.

Our plans included recruiting for a General read more

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Serena Bhandari - Jobstacle Course

It’s the end of the month and that means it’s time to hear from resident guest blogger Serena. This month Serena’s sharing her experience of job hunting as someone with Tourettes. While job hunting is stressful for lots of … read more

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Locked Out Of London

Today, out of the blue, there have been a series of announcements about travel in London that are seriously concerning many disabled people. Moving about this vast city as a disabled person can be tricky with a transport system that’s … read more

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On a Friday exactly two months ago, my working week was drawing to an end. It’d been a busy week, full of meetings and rehearsals for a forthcoming tour of our stage show ‘Not I’.

With hindsight there were … read more

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Survival of the Crip-est - 28 Days Later

A month ago, at the start of lockdown, I wrote about the huge amounts of extra time and labour I was having to expend just to meet my basic requirements for safety, health, nutrition, finance and logistics.

I’m re-visiting this, … read more

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Lockdown Learning - An Opportunity For Change

Exactly one month ago, on 23rd March 2020, the UK entered ‘lockdown’ to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This means everyone stays at home except for essential travel, food shopping and exercise.

As a disabled person with additional high-risk factors, … read more

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COVID-19: A Million Emails Later

In just a few weeks, many of the assumptions we’ve taken for granted for generations have been totally transformed.

While this is undoubtably a surreal and scary time, we’ve seen how quickly systems can be transformed when the right … read more

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Survival of the Crip-est

In a matter of weeks life across the world has changed dramatically, and like most people I’ve been trying to adapt to the uncertain times ahead. While many people are focused on navigating the challenges of home working, home schooling, … read more

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