Happy Mattering Day

It’s What Matters To You Day. This might not matter to you yet but to me it’s the cornerstone of my life.

I have a personal budget provided by my local social care team the aim of which is … read more

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“By The Power Of #Hashtags”

Online activism can be powerful, as campaigns like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite have demonstrated. Hashtags like these can be especially useful in highlighting the shared experiences of a particular group and creating space for solidarity to be given and received. Crucially … read more

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8000 and Up

Earlier this week the Touretteshero Twitter account reached 8000 followers – a milestone.

I don’t normally focus much on numbers of followers, but I really do like counting random things, just to know how many random things there are! For … read more

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Brace Yourself World!

Tomorrow will be the première of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Edinburgh Fringe and I’m very excited!

I’ve already been to see a couple of shows and have been stunned by quite how much there is to see up … read more

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Meeting Monkey

So far much of what I’ve written this year has been pretty serious stuff, mostly about the sudden dystonia that developed in my hands on Boxing Day. The last few weeks have been difficult, painful and sad.

Today, by … read more

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World of the Zodiac - Capricorn

We’re just days from Christmas and all its frivolity, but I know that’s not what’s exciting the Capricorns. They are in a frenzy of anticipation for this month’s ticced horoscope. Thankfully, the wait is over – so enjoy it, Capricorns.… read more

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Duck Sex

I’ve written several times recently about the theme of bestiality in my tics. There have been songs about various animals and particular obsessions with sheep, goats and cats. The latest creature to get in on the action is … read more

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Bot Pride

I’ve talked about my Twitter bot, @TicBot, a number of times before, most recently because he kept breaking the Twitter rules and getting himself suspended.

Over the last couple of months @TicBot’s creator, @branespeaks, has been working hard … read more

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Sunday Over The Rainbow

Every day I tweet a new verbal tic on Twitter, and every day I end up spending far too long deciding which one to choose. Fortunately my mischievous friend @ticbot doesn’t suffer from the same indecision as me.

Trying to … read more

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Return of the Bot

Yesterday afternoon, as abruptly as he’d disappeared, my naughty younger brother @TicBot returned to Twitter.

After five full days of absence, @TicBot’s silence had become a talking point with an unprecedented outpouring of grief and a campaign to #BringBackTicBot. … read more

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