Brace Yourself World!

Tomorrow will be the première of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Edinburgh Fringe and I’m very excited!

I’ve already been to see a couple of shows and have been stunned by quite how much there is to see up here. I’ve been busy learning lines, familiarising myself with the different venues, and struggling with the city’s hills, cobbles and lack of drop-kerbs.

So far Edinburgh people have been incredibly friendly, but Edinburgh’s roads are anything but wheelchair-friendly. On the upside my temporary new castle is incredibly well set up for them – I’ve been zooming up and down the big wide corridor whenever I get the chance. It’s great!

I’d like to apologise in advance for the extra tweeting and Facebook messaging I might end up doing over the next two weeks. It’s useful for me to let people know about the show, but it might get a bit annoying if you’re not here and don’t want your timelines clogged up with stuff about it – so apologies in advance if this happens.

If you are up here, or if you’re not but want to be involved, we’re using #BIBL for the show and it’s #Edfringe for the entire Festival. If you’re not on social media, another apology because this won’t make any sense at all.

“If you cross a transformer with the whole Internet you get Kenneth Branagh in a cardboard box.”

Book tickets for BIBL here.

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