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Monkey’s Bunk

As I type this from my bed, Monkey is curled up by my side. He’s not actually in bed with me, but in his own bunk, less than an arm’s length away.

After months of resisting, I’ve finally given in … read more

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In Praise of Podcasts

Last night I wrote a post while I was in intense pain and struggling to sleep. I wrote to help me focus on what I was feeling and to find a way through. To some extent it worked, and with … read more

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In Praise of Monkey

My family had cats for pretty much my entire childhood so know about the benefits they can be bring, and how individual their personalities are. But until Monkey Cat moved in eight months ago I hadn’t lived with a cat … read more

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Smiling Our Way To Revolution

Leftwing Idiot’s good friend Si had symptoms of COVID-19 and started self-isolating over a week before the lockdown began. It was touch and go for a while, but he seems much better now.

A lot changed while he was staying … read more

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Biscuits and Beckett In Brooklyn

A week ago today I did my last performance of ‘Not I’ in New York. We were there for two weeks as part of The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival. There wasn’t a suitable space for the show … read more

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Playtopia and Beyond

Playing and making are the two big passions in my life, and they always have been.

Play is a fundamental part of children’s lives and it’s very individual for each person, but sadly some children don’t have the same opportunity … read more

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Three Trees One Cuppa Soup

From my bedroom window I can see three majestic trees, their silhouettes looming large in my familiar and treasured view. Right now it’s the very end of dusk and they’ve almost vanished into the darkness.

But while they might be … read more

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Happy Bean Day

It’s been a very sunny day, and this morning was particularly warm and glorious.

Fat Sister, King Russell and their two-year-old daughter Bean came over first thing and we sat in the garden enjoying the weather and the prospect … read more

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Push Button Baby

Fat Sister, King Russell and Bean popped in earlier. I had my Telecare pendant on because of a brief gap in my support. The pendant was round my neck and I’d totally forgotten it was there. Bean greeted me enthusiastically, … read more

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The Tale of the Table and the Tortoise

At work today I had a ‘ticcing fit’. I lost all regular speech but my vocal tics continued. Much to my surprise and that of my colleagues a strange story emerged. Here’s my Tourettes-generated fable:

“There was a table … read more

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