A Card for Us All

Every year since Touretteshero began, we’ve created a Christmas card inspired by a festive tic. We’ve had some amazing guest artists including Jim’ll Paint It, Amber Anderson, Ben Connors and Richard Phoenix.

We usually do a big mail-out and send cards to our partners, collaborators, friends, and allies, but this year we’re doing things differently. We’ve still made a new card which you can buy in our shop, but we won’t be sending out loads ourselves. Instead, we’ll be sharing this post as an open card to our Touretteshero family. This will help us focus our energy on the work that needs to be done before the holidays, and be kinder to the already stretched postal service!

A photograph of the 2021 Christmas card which was designed by Touretteshero. In the background, there is a twinkling brightly decorated Christmas tree. The design on the card is of a snow globe centring the continent of Africa. The base of the snow globe is made up of festive decorated Christmas trees and is wrapped in a rainbow. Written across the bottom of the card is the message ‘Shake Up the World like a Snow Globe of Love.’ In the top right corner is a red Touretteshero logo.

I illustrated this year’s card based on the tic: “Shake up the world like a snow globe of love”. Right now, love, care and kindness are essential as we all weather the literal and metaphorical storms raging around us.

So, this is a post full of love, festive spirit, and good wishes to everyone reading it. It’s also a chance to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s helped us over the last year. Your energy, support and creativity have helped make amazing things happen – from the young artists creating and sharing new work, to the suppliers supporting the food delivery service we ran every week until July, and our funders who’ve worked flexibly with us to ensure we can keep responding to the requirements of our communities.

Not everything we’d planned for this year has been able to happen, so particular thanks to the partners who’ve supported us when we’ve had to make difficult decisions.

As we continue living in uncertain times, and with festive plans once again under pressure, please know we’re thinking of you all and wishing you and your families happy holidays and joyful New Year.

With love, laughter and lots of biscuits.

From all at Touretteshero

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