What’s That?

At the weekend I met my sister and my niece Bean at a playground we haven’t visited since Bean was tiny. It was lovely to be back in a park playing together. I was wearing a mask and being careful … read more

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Keyworker Kids - A Revised Story

Almost exactly six months ago I created a story for my three-year-old niece Bean about her mum’s job as a doctor, to explain the coronavirus pandemic and what it would mean for our family.

As infection rates increase again, and … read more

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How to be a good friend to someone with Tourettes

A new academic year is beginning. Children and young people are returning to school, students will be starting at University, and many adults will be settling back into work after the disruption of COVID-19. This post is for people who … read more

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Long Awaited Squeeze

On Sunday 15th March I went swimming with my niece Bean and her dad, my brother-in-law, King Russell. Afterwards we came back to the castle and watched a film together. What I didn’t know as Bean and I sat … read more

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Raising a Child with Tourettes - Five Ideas For The Early Days

I’ve seen a few social media posts recently from parents of children with tics who are yet to receive a diagnosis. I imagine the pandemic will have slowed this process down even further and suspect there will be families having … read more

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Welcome to Our Tourettes Family

Normally when I write this blog, I’m writing for everyone – all ages, all backgrounds, with all sorts of bodies and minds. But this post is different because I’ve written it specifically for children and young people who are at … read more

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Three Years On And Nothing’s Changed

Three years ago today, on the morning of Wednesday 14th June 2017, the country woke to the news of a devastating fire at Grenfell Tower. Later we would learn that 72 people, 18 of them children, had lost their … read more

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Serena Bhandari - Acceptance

Yesterday I wrote about a new series of blog posts we’ve commissioned by writer Serena Bhandari. I’m really excited to share Serena’s first post today.

My name’s Serena and this is the first in a series of guest blogs … read more

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Constellations of Love

At the end of last week, during a what’s app hang out with Fat Sister, Bean and King Russell, there was a lovely exchange that got me thinking – and making.

Bean asked if my support worker Claire was my … read more

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Biscuit Search

At the start of lockdown my friends Ruby, Leo and Laura made me an incredible word-search which I had loads of fun completing, so I decided to make one for them. But rather than use words I used combinations of … read more

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