Consistently Significant Tree

I’ve written a lot about the view from my window. It’s mainly been about the lamp-post which my tics often chat to as I’m settling down to sleep. I’ve also mentioned the trees, but generally just in passing. However, … read more

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In Praise of Podcasts

Last night I wrote a post while I was in intense pain and struggling to sleep. I wrote to help me focus on what I was feeling and to find a way through. To some extent it worked, and with … read more

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 The bulk of this post was written on the brink of midnight as I struggled to sleep due to intense pain. It hurt so much that coordinating my movements and focus to type was extremely tricky. I’ve decided to leave … read more

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In Praise of Monkey

My family had cats for pretty much my entire childhood so know about the benefits they can be bring, and how individual their personalities are. But until Monkey Cat moved in eight months ago I hadn’t lived with a cat … read more

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Intervention Round-Up Reloaded

I’ve tried to manage my tics a number of different ways over the years and one of the most effective for me has been through practical solutions and interventions that make life easier and safer.

Several years ago I did … read more

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I Love Cats?

Disclaimer: I’m not writing this post alone. There’s a heavy weight lurking on my chest, vibrating relentlessly, and occasionally batting my face for asnmyu,uuuuu attention. My vibrating companion also keeps stepping on the keyboard…

Introducing Monkey the cat. Monkey is … read more

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Post-Tonsil Tonsillitis

I’m finally emerging from a week lost to illness. Last Sunday I woke up at Boomtown with a very sore throat. As the day progressed I felt increasingly unwell so we headed home early and I went straight to bed.… read more

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Six Degrees of Lamp-post

This morning I woke up in a leisurely way, opened my blind and let the light from the grey day fill my room. I felt much more cheerful than I had when I went to sleep last night, and I … read more

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Dreamy Beds

When we arrived in our hotel room a few days ago the two beds looked quite different from one another. Both were single beds and covered in the same sheets – this was clearly a twin room – but one … read more

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Seven Hours’ Success

The sky’s an intense light-blue turning to a watery yellow on the horizon. Jagged palm tree leaves cut into the picture making a mish-mash of zigzag patterns that even the most exuberant 90s fabric designer would’ve be proud of.

The … read more

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