Sports Worker

It’s been almost ten years since I moved into the castle, it’s been the same length of time since I started needing overnight care.

Initially I lived with my flatmate Poppy, and my support worker would sleep on a fold out bed in the living room. When Poppy moved out her room became the ‘Support Worker’s Room’ and we’ve been calling it that ever since… until recently that is.

I store toys and games in this room, which Bean often asks to play with. She knows I always have someone with me, but she knows them all by name.

Photograph of the ‘Sports Workers’ room at the Castle. Against a wall with a large sash window is a wooden framed double bed which has vertical blue and white stripes sheets on it. Over this is a patchwork red and blue quilt. At the foot of the bed there is wall to ceiling shelving holding books and other storage such as a slush puppy machine and a stained glass window. Through the window, in the garden, there are clothes drying on the line, a plum tree, three potted plants on a wall and a trellis with a rose bush.

In fact, the words ‘support worker’ are only really used in reference to the room. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that according to Bean, this is the Sports Worker’s Room!

In some ways, being my support worker is an extreme sport – there are always risks and challenges and the need for speed and dexterity.

Who knows whether this new name will stick, but just thinking about it gives me a lot of joy.

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