First Night at the Castle

Tonight’s the first night in my new lair – affectionately known as the Castle because it used to be a pub with that name. For the last few months I’ve been staying at Leftwing Idiot’s after I’d had to leave my old lair because of the stairs – there were so many of them it’d become completely inaccessible to me because of my leg tics.

The Castle’s on the ground floor, all on one level, and it even has a garden, so no more getting stuck in on sunny days. I love it and I’ve been having a brilliant first evening. Leftwing Idiot, King Russell, Bunny and Poppy all came round. We had a delicious dinner and watched Cabaret. Bunny’s staying overnight as my night time support worker, so that when I have a ticcing fit she’s on hand to help.

When I first stepped inside the Castle, before I bought it, I knew it was perfect, but I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me to get to the stage where I could move in. But Leftwing Idiot told me that first you have to believe something’s possible and then look for ways to make it happen, otherwise you don’t even bother trying. He was right and because I did what he suggested, I have a beautiful, accessible new home.

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  1. bubble says:

    Congratulations – I hope you are still enjoying the Castle so much

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