Habit Reversal Therapy

Dr Tara Murphy: In Her Own Words

Last week I wrote briefly about watching Kids With Tourettes: In Their Own Words on ITV. The programme was thought-provoking and created a great deal of discussion on social media. Earlier this week I spoke to Dr Tara Murphy who … read more


Tonight’s TV Tourettes

I’ve just finished watching the documentary I mentioned last week – Kids With Tourettes: In Their Own Words. I enjoyed it a great deal and at times found it very moving. I felt it gave a good insight into … read more


Arm Armour

I’ve started biting my arms a lot again. I’m working on doing a gentle kiss instead, a technique I learnt last year during my habit reversal therapy. But because this won’t work immediately I’ve also bought some arm protectorsread more

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Taking it On the Chin

My chest-banging tic is a lot less intense than it was, thanks to the Habit Reversal Therapy exercises I’ve been practicing. I still do it several times a minute, but it’s much easier to manage.

But, when I did it … read more

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“I Love Bye Byes”

This afternoon I went for Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT). The treatment has helped me feel a lot more in control of my body as well as my thoughts and emotions. I’ve learnt strategies that have made everyday tasks like eating … read more

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In the last few days I’ve done some things that I haven’t done independently for a long time:

I picked up a glass and had a drink.
I wrote down an address in my diary.
I shaved my legs.

This … read more

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Slowing Up, Going Forward

I had a Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) session this afternoon and my therapist introduced some major changes in my exercises. These are a big step forward in my course of treatment.

From now on, every time I tic and bang … read more

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Safer Viewing

As part of my Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) I’ve got a set of exercises to practice many times every day. My therapist suggested doing them at times when my tics are bad, and even doing things that I know make … read more

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Dance ‘til you Drop

I’ve just got back from a brilliant day at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, organised by my friend Annie the Wolf who’s a dancer and interested in the movements of my tics. I spent this afternoon along with her, Leftwing … read more

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This afternoon I went for my Habit Reversal Therapy. I got to the station earlier than normal and asked a member of staff for information about the next train. I had the feeling he wasn’t really listening and just … read more

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