Habit Reversal Therapy

Not NICE At All

Since 2016 I’ve experienced chronic pain in my lower back and hips. The quality and intensity of this pain changes, but I’m very rarely pain-free. Left unmanaged, this pain has a profound effect on my ability to think, concentrate, work … read more

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Dr Tara Murphy: In Her Own Words

Last week I wrote briefly about watching Kids With Tourettes: In Their Own Words on ITV. The programme was thought-provoking and created a great deal of discussion on social media. Earlier this week I spoke to Dr Tara Murphy who … read more


Tonight’s TV Tourettes

I’ve just finished watching the documentary I mentioned last week – Kids With Tourettes: In Their Own Words. I enjoyed it a great deal and at times found it very moving. I felt it gave a good insight into … read more


Arm Armour

I’ve started biting my arms a lot again. I’m working on doing a gentle kiss instead, a technique I learnt last year during my habit reversal therapy. But because this won’t work immediately I’ve also bought some arm protectorsread more

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Taking it On the Chin

My chest-banging tic is a lot less intense than it was, thanks to the Habit Reversal Therapy exercises I’ve been practicing. I still do it several times a minute, but it’s much easier to manage.

But, when I did it … read more

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“I Love Bye Byes”

This afternoon I went for Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT). The treatment has helped me feel a lot more in control of my body as well as my thoughts and emotions. I’ve learnt strategies that have made everyday tasks like eating … read more

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In the last few days I’ve done some things that I haven’t done independently for a long time:

I picked up a glass and had a drink.
I wrote down an address in my diary.
I shaved my legs.

This … read more

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Slowing Up, Going Forward

I had a Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) session this afternoon and my therapist introduced some major changes in my exercises. These are a big step forward in my course of treatment.

From now on, every time I tic and bang … read more

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Safer Viewing

As part of my Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) I’ve got a set of exercises to practice many times every day. My therapist suggested doing them at times when my tics are bad, and even doing things that I know make … read more

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Dance ‘til you Drop

I’ve just got back from a brilliant day at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, organised by my friend Annie the Wolf who’s a dancer and interested in the movements of my tics. I spent this afternoon along with her, Leftwing … read more

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