Arm Armour

I’ve started biting my arms a lot again. I’m working on doing a gentle kiss instead, a technique I learnt last year during my habit reversal therapy. But because this won’t work immediately I’ve also bought some arm protectors online. Like my helmet, these are things rugby players use. They arrived this morning and they’re wicked. The padding looks a bit like honeycomb and it gives when I bite it so it doesn’t hurt my teeth.

I went into Poppy’s room and showed them to her. I said, “Look I’m like a Ninja.” I then banged my arm against her doorframe and bit myself. She smiled and said, “I haven’t seen many Ninja’s do that!”

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  1. catherine says:

    I have/had a similar tic, I habit reversed it, but it does return when I’m upset, one of the "rewards" my ticcy brain was looking for was pain, wearing my leathers helped – cultivate the biker chick look like yours truly! The disadvantage of this was firstly the nasty horrible taste, and I would damage my jacket thus rendering it non-waterproof (time for dubbin, a vile taste) and not as tough if I had a meeting with the road. I just wore extra layers including a tubygrip bandage on my arm. Back to the HRT – this was the first tic I tackled, beaten by sitting on my arm and some deep breathing.
    The biker-chick attaire has helped with other tics, the trousers helping to protect legs from leg-thumping tics and helmet currently for temporarily stopping neck-cracking tic. However I am finding the helmet quite claustrphobic at the moment but the law is the law, and a biker without a lid is a dead biker.

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