Sleep Over

My new care package from social services began at the start of this week. At the moment it includes having someone staying with me overnight. So far this has always been Leftwing Idiot because there isn’t room in his flat for anyone else to stay. But now he really needs a chance to catch up on sleep and have a night off.

The solution: I slept over at Bunny’s last night. She and Fran met me from work and we got a cab back to hers. We hung out together with Bunny’s brother and his girlfriend in a nearby pub, shared a delicious meal and watched a film. Bunny’s whole family were so welcoming and I had a great evening.

Bunny helped me brilliantly in the night when I needed it. We both slept in her room and that meant she was able to tell me a bit about what was happening before a “ticcing fit” woke me up. She said that for about ten minutes before the fit really got going I’d been making the distinctive ‘howww’ noise that indicates I’m having a rough time. At one point she’d got up to check on me and said I’d looked uncomfortable but still asleep. Shortly afterwards a big ‘ticcing fit’ began in earnest, so forcefully in fact that I fell out of bed. Bunny followed the plan and was very re-assuring.

Despite last night’s fits, I feel very relaxed and well rested today. I’m off now for more nice times with my friend Laura and her new baby Ruby.

All these things are possible because of my personal budget which puts me in control of how, when and by whom my care is provided. In one week this has already made a big difference.

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