Goodbye, Cartoon Star

The room I sleep in at Leftwing Idiot’s has one of my favourite views. The big window looks out over rambling gardens and the houses beyond. When I’m in bed all I can see is a vast sky, and I love going to sleep gazing up at it.

There’s one star that’s particularly bright, so bright that it doesn’t look like just a ball of light but more like a stereotypical star with pointy rays stretching out into the darkness. Tourettes has named it “Cartoon star” and I frequently direct tics at it while I’m going to sleep:

“I love you cartoon star”
“Where are you cartoon star?”
“Calm down cartoon star”
“Goodnight cartoon star”

I’ve been very happy at Leftwing Idiot’s, and today I’ve been thinking about some of the little things that have made me feel so at home here, like the cartoon star, the extra padding in the bathroom, all the strategically placed chairs, the hundreds of amazing shared meals and morning songs – and even the geranium!

In a week’s time I’ll be moving into my new lair with Poppy. It’s exciting, and I’m looking forward to setting up there and to Tourettes settling in as well – it’ll be developing new ticcing relationships with inanimate objects, plants or even burning suns from other galaxies.

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