Less Sparkle at the Castle

Poppy and I have lived together at the castle since last November. In a month or so she’s going to move out and as a result the castle will be less full of sequins, pins and rowdy late night otter encounters. It’s been lovely living with Poppy, but she’s got a great opportunity to move in with a group of friends and get more space for herself. She’ll still be nearby and she’ll be coming back to the castle regularly to hang out and to provide me with overnight support.

I’ve had a careful think and have decided not to look for someone else to move in at this stage. Instead, Poppy’s room will become a guest room for my night-time support workers who are there in case I have a ‘ticcing fit’ in the night. At the moment they sleep on a z-bed in the living room and it’ll be great to be able to offer them a more comfortable and private alternative.

I don’t expect to feel lonely because I’ll have someone with me all the time. It’s always felt a bit like three people live here anyway – it’s just that the third person’s different every night.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Poppy but I’m looking forward to re-organising the castle and to providing a welcoming and comfortable bedroom for my rolling-flatmate.

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