Southbank Centre’s Summer Reunion Statement from Touretteshero

After careful consideration and following some in-depth conversations with the Southbank Centre, we have made the decision to postpone our Summer Reunion weekend which was due to take place from Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August.

A square graphic digital illustration of Southbank Centre's iconic yellow staircase set against a blue sky. A pink and orange striped straw, a slice of orange, a rainbow and a pair of heart shaped sunglasses are embedded at various points along the yellow staircase. A single white cloud is at the top right corner of the illustration.

We are deeply concerned about the rising number of COVID cases up and down the country. This, in combination with the easing of restrictions and the current advice for people like myself who are shielding, makes us worry that we won’t be able to ensure the safety
of disabled, elderly or vulnerable people during the weekend.

We want our weekend to be for everyone, and we know that under the current circumstances this will not be the case. As soon as I realised that this is not an event I would feel able to attend, I knew we needed to take decisive action. So, rather than risk the health and wellbeing of all, we have agreed to postpone our event until the time is right for us all to have the celebration we deserve. We hope you’ll join us then.

From Touretteshero

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