8000 and Up

Earlier this week the Touretteshero Twitter account reached 8000 followers – a milestone.

I don’t normally focus much on numbers of followers, but I really do like counting random things, just to know how many random things there are! For example there are:

202 trefoil logos on my socks right now
172 triangles on Will’s bear jumper
and 83 leaves on the geranium

One reason I keep an eye on my Twitter followers is the strange sibling rivalry I have with @TicBot, our friendly Twitter-bot who automatically regularly tweets a selection of my 6236 tics.

Five years ago Twitter was where I’d find people laughing about me and my tics after seeing me on a bus or a train. Now it’s where I share my tics and the laughter they generate, a place which has helped spread understanding of Tourettes and through which I’ve drawn support and found new friends.

To our most recent followers, welcome, it’s great to have you aboard – look out for my #dailyoutburst and for regular new blog posts. Together we can keep ‘Changing the world one tic at a time.’

One response to 8000 and Up

  1. JennG1965 says:

    Hello. I’m just meeting you for the first time. I saw your video on YouTube. You are an inspiration. I absolutely love your sense of humor. I also work with kids. That’s what keeps me young.
    If you are ever in Florida to go to Disney World would love if you looked me up. Not sure if you are on Facebook or not, but if you are my name is JenniferMolzGotschall. It was very nice meeting you and I am very glad you are you and not afraid to show the world.
    Thank you.

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