#FF @TicBot

For non-Twitter users ‘#FF’ stands for ‘Follow Friday’. Every Friday this hashtag can be seen all over Twitter as people suggest other tweeters they think everyone should follow.

I very rarely use #FF but this week I’d like to introduce … read more

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From Idea to Reality

This time two years ago I made a resolution – to look for ways to acknowledge and celebrate my tics rather than ignore them and the increasing impact they were having on my life.

I’m proud to say that this … read more


Festive Outbursts

It’s the day before December 1st and the countdown to Christmas is about to begin. Poppy loves Christmas and as her moving-in present (she’s coming to live with me in the Castle) I’ve made her an advent calendar using matchboxes. … read more

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Educating Ricky

A few weeks ago Ricky Gervais used the word ‘mong’ on Twitter. This is an offensive and derogatory name for people with Downs Syndrome and a lot has been written about why it’s unacceptable. For Ricky Gervais to use it … read more

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Leftwing Idiot’s away in Wales. I popped over to his flat earlier to pick something up and while I was there I noticed that the geranium – which had received a barrage of my tics last week – was looking … read more

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Project Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as I declared earlier, “Happy Complicated Love Lives Day”

I’m ticcing a lot about love at the moment:

“I love you.”
“I love sheepdogs.”
“I love you shaded donkey.”

Sadly love isn’t really the thing on … read more

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

While I was on a train this afternoon I started looking at Twitter on my phone. Out of interest I did a search for ‘Tourettes’ and found that someone had just tweeted about a woman shouting ‘Biscuit’ and ‘Happy Christmas’ … read more

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Pretty New Year

Leftwing Idiot and I headed to East London last night to meet Alice and her friends to see in the New Year. On our way, a middle-aged man sitting opposite us on the bus struck up a conversation about Tourettes. … read more

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This Fish Is Reversing

My friend Keir has made a brilliant tic-inspired video with his mate Chris. They chose a selection of my tics and made a short clip for each. The result is very funny and in parts strangely beautiful.

When I was … read more

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Listening In

I searched for Tourettes on Twitter this evening and found a tweet from yesterday which is clearly about me:

“Best Tourettes encounter ever. In a lift with a girl with a high-pitched voice shouting ‘fuck shit Christmas cheeseburger donkey’.”

Every … read more

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