Bot Pride

I’ve talked about my Twitter bot, @TicBot, a number of times before, most recently because he kept breaking the Twitter rules and getting himself suspended.

Over the last couple of months @TicBot’s creator, @branespeaks, has been working hard to tweak @TicBot so he stops getting into trouble but keeps the qualities that make him fun.

As a result he’s been up and running without incident for several weeks, which means I could at last submit my guest post for The Guardian Online about @TicBot’s evolution. The article was published today.

As a result of the piece a lot of new people are discovering the joys of having a conversation with @TicBot.

This is brilliant news, but now I’ve only got about 100 more followers than him on my @Touretteshero account. Given that I think of @TicBot as my naughty little brother, it’s not surprising I felt a rush of rivalry when I found out.

Festive Outburst:
“I’ll never be a Christmas tree.”

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