Pretty New Year

Leftwing Idiot and I headed to East London last night to meet Alice and her friends to see in the New Year. On our way, a middle-aged man sitting opposite us on the bus struck up a conversation about Tourettes. At one point he said, “You’re an attractive girl, if you can see through all the stuff. You’re pretty, but I don’t think I could handle the Tourettes.” He was drunk but I was amused and strangely flattered by this nonetheless.

Strange conversations about Tourettes continued throughout the night. After the customary celebrations at Alice’s we all went to a random house party somewhere in Hackney.

The minute I got though the door, a girl I didn’t recognise pounced on me shouting, “Oh my God it’s you! You come into my shop.”

It turns out she was the girl who’d tweeted about me the other day when I was trainer shopping in Covent Garden:

“I love tourettes lady. She always makes my day #shittysheepdog #squirrelcunt #fuckbiscuit.”

I’d tweeted back at her but not heard anything back. She was very keen to talk about Tourettes, which we did for a long time.

Being recognised like that made me feel like a ‘celeb’, so hopefully trainer endorsements will follow.

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