Beauty Holes

I mentioned yesterday that my ‘ticcing fits had been particularly intense in the last week. On Friday evening I had a fit in the bathroom – this is the worst room in the castle for this to happen because it’s quite small with lots of hard edges.

Chopin was supporting me and quickly came to help, she rightly prioritised my head and made sure I was as safe as possible.

One of the weird things about tics is if you hold one part of my body still the tic will often move somewhere else like it’s trying to find a way out!

So, while Chopin was keeping my head still my legs were moving about frantically. One of them hit the wall, it didn’t hurt though because it was soft plaster board and the heal of my foot went right through it.

This isn’t the first hole I’ve made in my home, the castle has several patched up areas and my mum still mentions the hole I kicked in her wooden bathroom door when I was in my early teens.

Image shows a close up photograph of a hole made by Touretteshero's foot on the wooden footboard of her bed.

After the fit had subsided I tried doing a temporary fix on the hole. I started by taping some paper over it but because I have a lot of different coloured tape I quickly took things to the next level – do you think anyone will notice?

A photograph of the wall in Touretteshero's bathroom showing a brightly coloured rectangle of fluorescent stripes made using different coloured masking tape. This is completely covering a hole made by Touretteshero’s foot.

When I showed Chopin she said it’s like you’ve kicked through to a new dimension. It made me think about Kintsugi– the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. This is incredibly beautiful work – rather than hiding the imperfections these are celebrated and add to the unique beauty of each object.

We all leave a mark on where we live – for some this is clearly more literal than for others.

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