Feet Made For Marking

When I was a kid the soles of my feet were often covered in scratches. I wasn’t a big fan of wearing shoes and I didn’t have the most sensitive of soles either.

Nowadays my leg tics mean I’m not very good at standing up – if I try I immediately fall down. So I use a wheelchair or crawl about.

The soles of my feet remain clean, soft and unmarked. It’s the tops of my feet that get grubby from constantly dragging against the floor as I crawl.

Normally this is just a bit of dirt that washes off but in the last few weeks I’ve been building up a collection of interesting-looking marks on the tops of my feet.

As a visual artist, mark-making is something I was taught to do at college, but I don’t think this is quite what my tutors would’ve had in mind.

I’ve no idea where these marks have come from but my tics are filling this vacuum with ridiculous possibilities:

“My feet have been gnawed by a stressed rhino.”
“My feet have been to hell in a lawn mower.”
“Move over landmarks, the footmarks are here.”
“My feet have been lactating onto a squirrel’s lips again.”
“I came, I saw off my feet, I conquered.”

While these aren’t true they’ve been making me laugh, so making their mark in more ways than one.

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