The Disabled Shower

Yesterday I wrote about my childhood battle with soft walls, and declared it over. But today it seems that’s not entirely the case.

Fat Sister took me to her gym for a swim. It’s a nice place – all … read more

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Which Finger?

A couple of days ago I momentarily trapped my finger in my wheelchair’s footplate the result was a sizable blood-blister on its tip.

Earlier today I had a ‘ticcing fit’ and, as often happens, I lost my speech. … read more

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Thin Skinned

It’s been over two years since tics in my legs began severely affecting my mobility. When I’m out and about I use a wheelchair, but indoors I tend to wobble around holding onto furniture or grab rails, or I crawl … read more

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The On-going Evolution of Ouch

It’s over two years since I first wrote about the strange tics that only emerge when I’m in pain. I described then how instead of saying ‘Ouch’ I’d tic “Mystery.” I had no explanation for this then and I … read more

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A Desperate Moment

For a few moments earlier this evening I felt desperately alone and extremely vulnerable. It’s unusual for me to ever be on my own because I almost always have someone with me, but a mix-up this evening led to a … read more

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It Only Takes a Minute….

… to rub your face raw on the carpet.

Part 1

It’s been freezing today, and despite the heating being on in the castle this evening I was still chilly, so while my agency carer was in the kitchen I … read more


In Loving Memory

It’s April Fools’ Day, a day recognised all over the world as the time for jolly pranks and elaborate hoaxes. Today we’ll read absurd stories about spaghetti growing on trees, interruptions to gravity or Viagra for hamsters, and … read more

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Yesterday I talked about the ambulance service. It’s a crucial service but it’s one small part of the NHS, the largest public healthcare system in the world, which is made up of a huge number of services and specialisms, each … read more

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Jean Burn

Over the last few months my ticcing fits have become less frequent. They’ve gone from happening at least five or six times to just a couple of times per day. This is positive in many ways but the knock-on effect … read more

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Eight More Ways To Die Hard

Tomorrow evening Bruce Willis will be taking to the big screen for the fifth time as maverick ‘Die Hard’ cop John McClane. John always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time – at which point everything around … read more

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