A Message Of Love

Since we started Touretteshero ten years ago we’ve traditionally shared a funny festive video each year. You can watch the classics here.

This year, though, we wanted to do things slightly differently. Rather than create a playful video aimed at everyone, this year’s message is one made with love and solidarity for disabled people, those who are sick, our elders and our allies. It’s for everyone who’s faced barriers or who’s had to fight harder than ever just to survive.

It’s been a tough year for many of us and many of these challenges will continue for some time.

We want you to know that Touretteshero will keep working to support our communities in any way we can.

‘Now more than ever’ has become one of the most heavily overused phrases of the pandemic.


Now more than ever, it’s essential that we keep:

• Listening to disabled people
• Sharing ideas across borders
• Fighting for social justice
• Questioning assumptions about risk and vulnerability
• Developing new tools to strengthen our communities

But first, we should do our best to have a Very Happy Holiday!

With love and biscuits as always.

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