Here’s To Laughing

A few weeks ago someone from The Guardian got in touch asking if I’d be up for making a video for them. They’d seen my interview on Russell Howard and thought I might have an interesting perspective to share.

While I was wondering what to talk about I had a conversation with a boy at the playground where I work that got me thinking. He was about six, and new, so we hadn’t met before. He was curious about my tics, so he asked about them. He found some of them funny, so he laughed. Our conversation was open, joyous, and thoughtful.

I’ve had loads of amazing conversations with children, but very few of my interactions with adults have quite the same qualities. It made me think about why this changes. When do we stop enjoying difference and start finding it scary, unnerving or embarrassing?

Children have a lot to teach us about how to approach disability, so here’s my video explaining more about why this is so important.

If you’ve found my website for the first time, welcome! Touretteshero’s dedicated to sharing the humour and creativity of Tourettes and to using it to build a more inclusive society.

You can read my blog here, learn more about Tourettes from the FAQs, enjoy over 6000 tics, and check out the art they’ve inspired in our gallery. We’ve even got a shop full of tic-inspired gifts.

If you’d like to show this site to a child there’s a safemode that hides all the rude content.

And if you’d like to join me in my mission to change the world one tic at a time, please get involved by commenting, making a donation, creating art, or following me on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’ve got questions please ask.

One thing I can’t tell you though is exactly how many biscuits Bryan Adams can fit in his mouth.

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