Make Christmas Great Again!

Across the world it’s been a year of dramatic change, from the UK referendum result to the pugnacious President-Elect in the USA.

In this era of uncertainty we need true leadership from our politicians, something that sadly seems all too scarce.

So, to fill this power vacuum we offer you this simple alternative – my 2016 Christmas message:

Dressing up as the President-Elect triggered some extremely rude tics. Leftwing Idiot’s done an amazing edit so that everyone can watch it without any awkward questions – except perhaps, “Who’s Alan Hanson?”

At a time of increasing division it’s more important than ever that we work together and laugh together to make sure that hatred isn’t allowed to clutter our minds and our society.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever challenges you might be facing, we wish you a truly great Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Bigly love.

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