Time to Talk, Listen, and Laugh

I’m feeling very festive – the presents are wrapped, the castle’s looking Christmassy and the fridge is full of food.

Will and Lottie are staying here over the next couple of days and they’re all settled in the support workers’ room. Tomorrow Fat Sister and King Russell will join us for Christmas dinner and lazy lounging.

One thing we’ll definitely make time to do tomorrow is listen to The Listening Project on the Road, on BBC Radio 4 at 5pm.

The Listening Project is a long-running radio series of short conversations between two people from diverse backgrounds who share their views with each other. They’re often intimate, thought-provoking and funny.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Special will include a conversation I had in the summer with Ethan, who’s eleven and also has Tourettes.

What I love about the Listening Project is how it celebrates ordinary conversation and encourages us all to value our discussions with others. I’ve known Ethan for a while and we’ve talked many times before. When we recorded our Listening Project conversation we chatted for over an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Whatever you’re doing tomorrow, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other people, to have interesting conversations, to listen and to laugh.

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