“Merry Christmas Day Glow Octopus” And Other Festive Sentiments

I woke up this morning and a chorus of Christmases started almost immediately:

“Merry Christmas, geranium.”
“Merry Christmas, festive zebra.”
“Merry Christmas, laser jet printer.”
“Merry Christmas, protective padding.”

Here at the castle I can hear Will and Lottie stirring next door. Lottie’s a nurse and she’s working today so she’ll be heading out soon to begin her shift. She’ll be back later though, and we’ll have a feast waiting for her.

Fat Sister and King Russell are joining us too, and I’m expecting Leftwing Idiot to swing by at some point as well. It’s going to be a low-pressure day of hanging out, eating and relaxing.

I know that for many people today will look very different, and I send my love and strength to everyone feeling under pressure, overwhelmed, or struggling with loneliness.

If you’re having a really tough time and would benefit from someone to talk to, do reach out to the Samaritans, by phone on 116 123, or email at jo@samaritans.org. They were a great help to me at a time when I felt sad and didn’t know what to do.

My carer’s just arrived to help me get ready for the day, so I’ll finish by saying a huge thank you to everyone who’s working today to make sure others have what they need over the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone (even lamp-posts).

“Merry Christmas, lamp-post we’ll save you some pudding.”
“Lamp-post, would you like to borrow some festive socks?”
“Lamp-post, you don’t need tinsel because you’ve got a shiny head.”

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