Letting The Top Out Of The Bag

I’ve written many times about how Tourettes makes me rubbish at keeping secrets. I often give away what I’ve got people as gifts, and poker, I-spy, and hide-and-seek are not my strongest games.

This neurological pre-disposition can make the festive period unusually stressful. But this year I managed not to tell anyone what I’d got for them before they unwrapped their present.

But the same can’t be said for my four-year old godson Leo. Two days ago he presented me with a carefully wrapped gift to put under the tree ready for Christmas Day. In an ironic twist, as he gave it to me he said:

“It’s a new top.”

I thanked him and just succeeded in keeping a straight face while creasing with laughter and enjoyment inside.

I unwrapped the present yesterday and can confirm it is a very lovely top.

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