Please Help Me Find Amazing New PAs

I spend very little time on my own. To live an independent, happy, safe, creative life I need other people’s support and a team of personal assistants and support workers help me at work, at home and overnight.

When my tics started to limit what I could do I was quite slow to realise I needed more help, and struggled on for ages, leading an increasingly restricted life. Although at first asking for and accepting help was hard (and still is sometimes), my life is now much richer because I have the support I need. I’ve also got to hang out and get to know lots of really great people, many of whom have become close friends.

Will and I shared many moments chatting to toilet u-bends, and when he stopped supporting me regularly back in 2015 we went away to Cumbria to hang out, chat and plan. Fran supported me on and off for several years. We’ve danced at festivals and lounged by the pool on holiday in Spain. Jen, one of my current support team, has already helped me negotiate with nurses, deal with a shocking incident and travel to New York.

I’m currently looking for new support workers:

• A part-time Personal Assistant to help me at work and job share three/four days a week.
• Flexible support workers to hang out and help me at the weekend.
• Overnight workers who sleep in the support worker room and respond to my emergency alarm at night.

More information on all the posts is available here.

This is a drawing with the title ‘P.A. required’. Beneath is a grid of 4x4 with 16 boxes containing images of potential P.A’s. Included in the boxes are humans of different gender, race and occupations, animals, including a penguin, a horse and a bear, and there is also an alien and a robot.

In most jobs, it doesn’t matter if you don’t really like the people you work with. In these roles it’s essential. I’m looking for confident, calm people to share in my work and home life. This may feel both deeply exciting and nerve-wracking. Please help spread the word if you can, through your networks or to anyone you think might be good.

The deadline for applications is Monday 6th May – so please get sharing.

Fingers crossed I’ll have new people to go on adventures with soon.

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