Glastonbury - A Somerset Farm on Sunday

The rain was drumming gently on the tent as I slowly surfaced this morning and carefully stretched my stiff and tired body. None of us was in a rush to get up and by the time we were all awake it was dry again outside and slowly but surely the clouds had started to clear.

This was our last day at the Festival and we’d decided to leave later in the evening. It’s always sad going, and hard to know quite when’s the best time. But Will’s working tomorrow afternoon and for me the idea of waking up at home with a whole day to clean, sort, and recover was very appealing.

We kicked off our last afternoon by watching our friends Cassetteboy and DJ Rubbish (AKA Leftwing Idiot). Their set was brilliant and very funny. There were lots of amazing additions to their show, and Poppy had made some fantastic new props and costumes.

Photo: Lottie Hughes

Next stop was the West Holts stage. I sat in my chair eating a very tasty jacket potato as I chatted to my friend Keir. The afternoon went by quickly and the final shows with Captain Hotknives were soon upon us.

Afterwards we had a celebratory cocktail then packed all our stuff into the car so we could go and enjoy the rest of the evening without worrying about having to do it later. We soaked up the last moments of our Festival. And the last of the sunshine.

After a team photo and a delicious dinner we began our journey home.

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  1. Dan says:

    Gutted we missed Cassetteboy & DJ Rubbish but delighted to have caught you & the Captain twice. I’ve been catching myself singing the sheepdog song at odd moments… I’ve even started to believe they really do lick lamb balls – they do don’t they?

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