Celebrity Toilet Story 2

A couple of months ago I wrote about Will’s accessible toilet celebrity encounter. I’d rushed to use the loo at the Royal Court Theatre, oblivious of who’d just emerged from it, and Will told me later that it was in fact actor Orlando Bloom.

Will’s just reminded me of his latest celebrity toilet story which happened at Glastonbury on Saturday night. We were on the main stage viewing-platform (this is the raised area created to ensure disabled people get a decent view). Alongside the platform are a number of accessible toilets and stewards supervise the whole area.

There were three toilets, two wheelchair accessible and one for ‘walkers’. I was able to use the loo quite quickly but Fat Sister and Will who were supporting me had to wait for the non-accessible loo, which had a bigger queue.

Because I couldn’t get back up the ramp to the platform without them I waited nearby until they were ready. A woman had just asked me about my wheelchair which – a topic of conversation I never tire of. In the end I got bored of waiting for the others so I recruited my new chair buddy as a stand-in Personal Assistant and she pushed me back up to the viewing platform where Lottie was waiting.

Eventually Will arrived with his new celebrity story. Mark Ronson had been just ahead of him in the queue.

Who’d have thought that toilets would be the most popular celebrity hangout?

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