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Hello San Francisco!

We touched down in San Francisco yesterday and because we have the day off today, ahead of loading in the show tomorrow, we took the opportunity to explore the city.

We headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was very … read more

Gold, Frankincense, and…

As soon as I woke this morning I said “Good morning, December”, quickly followed by “You’re the travelator to Christmas.”

November’s only been gone for a few hours, but there’s no doubt that things are getting festive. Across the land … read more

Gold, frankincense, and Andrew Marr Christmas Card

This card, illustrated by the amazing Jim’ll Paint It, is brand new for 2015 and is available in limited quantities only. It’s printed on recycled card using environmentally friendly inks and it’s blank inside so you can add your own message.


A few days ago Fran and I headed into town together. We were both in a cheerful, relaxed mood and chatted happily as we waited for the bus to come.

We saw it coming and stuck out our hands to … read more

Bye, Bye Fran’s Toothbrush

Yesterday morning Fran and I said a ceremonial goodbye to the toothbrush she keeps at the castle. It was the only red one in the pot of 8 brushes, mine and one for each of my regular night-time support workersread more

Magic Fran

Yesterday I wrote about how frightened and alone I’d felt when I got stuck on my own, on the living room floor, having a ‘ticcing fit’.

In the early hours of this morning I had another fit, which … read more


This is the second guest blog post to mark National Carers Week. This entry is written by my friend and support worker Fran.


I first met Touretteshero years ago through Leftwing Idiot, before she’d uncovered the secret powers … read more

Frankly Brilliant

I watched the sun go down from the roof of a car park in Peckham this evening. Frank’s Bar is a temporary venue on the top of a multi-storey car park next to the cinema. The view from there is … read more

Survival of the Crip-est - 28 Days Later

A month ago, at the start of lockdown, I wrote about the huge amounts of extra time and labour I was having to expend just to meet my basic requirements for safety, health, nutrition, finance and logistics.

I’m re-visiting this, … read more

Beauty Holes

I mentioned yesterday that my ‘ticcing fits had been particularly intense in the last week. On Friday evening I had a fit in the bathroom – this is the worst room in the castle for this to happen … read more