Gold, Frankincense, and…

As soon as I woke this morning I said “Good morning, December”, quickly followed by “You’re the travelator to Christmas.”

November’s only been gone for a few hours, but there’s no doubt that things are getting festive. Across the land doors on advent calendars are opening, emotive adverts are jostling for space between TV shows, thousands of Christmas trees are loitering on street corners looking for a home – and my #dailyoutburst has became a #festiveoutburst – look out for seasonal tics right up to the big day.

And there’s even more exciting Christmas-related news – drum roll please for our brand new tic-inspired Christmas card “Gold, frankincense, and Andrew Marr.” It’s illustrated by the incredible Jim’ll Paint It.

Card 2015

And we’ve got loads more brilliant cards and thoughtful gifts in our shop. All the proceeds help us put on creative events for children and young people.

And if you still need help getting in the festive spirit, there are over 200 Christmassy tics here ready to make you laugh.

“Happy Opening December Day”

Festive Outburst

“Gold, frankincense, and Andrew Marr.”

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