Magic Fran

Yesterday I wrote about how frightened and alone I’d felt when I got stuck on my own, on the living room floor, having a ‘ticcing fit’.

In the early hours of this morning I had another fit, which started while I was asleep. But this time I definitely wasn’t alone – before I’d even woken up Fran was at my bedside.

I was confused at first when I woke, still fitting, and saw Fran’s face. It seemed like magic that she’d known I needed help, but later she explained that she’d been woken by the familiar ‘howwing’ noise I often make when I’m having a fit. This’d made her come into my room and she’d seen that I was locked up, even though I was still asleep.

Fran isn’t the only magic support worker. There have been a few times when other people have realised I’m having a fit before before it’s really started. Many of my friends and carers are attuned to what my noises, or my silences, may mean. This is particularly reassuring on the occasions when I can’t press the buzzer to call for help.

Maybe it’s not magic but it does make me feel I live a charmed life a lot of the time.

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  1. ocdguyocdguyocdguy says:

    Jess! – You should get yourself a dog! Do you like dogs? If you don’t…you would if you got one! Dogs are basically ‘hairy angels’! Some people with epilepsy have dogs who can alert them to fits long before they happen (There was a prog on Telly last week about a woman whose dog would alert her exactly 42 minutes before a fit!)…Ooh! I hope you like dogs! If you don’t – you’re missing out big-time! Dogs can fix anything!…even a broken heart! 😉

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