Staying Strong, Staying In

Part One
It’s a Saturday evening at the beginning of summer. I haven’t got any work commitments and I’m up for going out to see what’s happening in the city.

But instead I’m sitting in the lair on my own, half-watching Columbo.

I’ve wanted to go out and do something all afternoon, but except for a brief outing this morning to view a flat for sale near here, I haven’t been out at all. My feeling of frustration is getting stronger as the evening slips by.

Previously I would’ve gone to an exhibition, for a look round the shops or for a walk on my own, but this is no longer possible because of my leg tics. I feel trapped and depressed.

Everything’s made worse by the fact that my Internet’s not working properly.

Part Two
While I was writing Part One I started to cry. I phoned Laura, we had a chat and I cried a bit more. But by the end of the call I felt more positive and just then, Poppy and Leftwing Idiot arrived at the lair. I was still feeling tearful but I went back with them to Leftwing Idiot’s and we sat on his roof, ate banana ice cream and watched the sun set.

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